Wedding Questionnaire

No two weddings are the same! To help me capture your day in the best way possible, please take the time to answer the following questions. Thank you so much!

Can you provide me with a timeline of the wedding day? If you’re sharing a FIRST LOOK, I will need to start shooting bridal details at LEAST 2.5 hours before the ceremony. 3 hours is recommended if there is no extensive travel time to the ceremony venue. If you’re working with a planner, they can forward this information to me if that’s easier. Email me if we need to go over this together! I’d love to help!

Tip: Getting ready in rooms with windows provides the best natural & flattering lighting. For better photos, please be sure to keep these areas clutter free.

Tip: Outdoor locations with greenery, open shade, solid color walls, as well as white/light color indoor areas with windows provide the best natural & flattering lighting for ceremonies.

Here is a reminder of the details that I photograph at every wedding: dress, veil, all 3 rings, shoes, bouquet, earrings, full invitation suite. Please select from the list above any additional details that you plan to bring (this is just so we are prepared for the amount of time that we will need to capture all of your details).

Dress, Florist, Ceremony Venue, Reception Venue, Wedding Planner/Coordinator, Hair & Makeup, DJ/Entertainment Services, Videographer, Cake, Catering, Bridesmaid Dresses (designer & place of purchase), Groomsmen & Groom's attire, Invitations, and any other vendors.

Family formals do not have to take over 20 minutes! However, we can only shoot these portraits quickly if we plan in advance. For example: 1. Bride and groom with parents. 2. Bride and Groom with grandparents. 3. Bride and Groom with siblings. If you have a very large family and more than 10 group photos, I suggest saving some of the extended family shots until the reception so that family portrait time will not interfere with your romantic portraits and you will not keep your guests waiting.